20% project

My first topic for my project was how can I use technology to better communicate better with families. I found information such as articles and tips but  I felt it wasn’t wide enough. I kept finding other great ideas I wanted to incorporate. So I broadened  my subject to how can I use technology in my early childhood classroom.

As many would say technology such as app and media are not developmentally appropriate for early childhood and none is developmentally appropriate for children under two. I think it is all how you look at technology and uses. No one ever said technology has to be limited to just the children in the class but what about their parents, or how do other teachers communicate effectively? Also who says technology has to be limited to i phones and computers.

Many schools, starting in infancy through college and beyond are starting to go with the STEM or STEAM movement. What is STEM/STEAM? S= science. T=technology. E=engineering. A=art. M=math. So T being my focus today. So how in early childhood classes are they incorporating technology? It’s not as complicated as you’d think. I think many people over think it. By definition technology is a noun that is the application of scientific knowledge. Well that is everything! We think technology is  apps we add to devices or videos that teacher make to keep parents up to date. It is how you look at it. For one year old technology is the toaster that they used to help make their breakfast to the pulley system the used to move the sand outside. Technology is the camera that the teachers (and their parents) use to document their development as they grow.

So I guess the most important thing I have found in my journey for my 20% project is that technology is going to keep advancing whether we dislike and avoid it or embrace it and learn from it. The more you try to pretend its not there, the harder it will be to stay caught up. Technology (even in early childhood) is a good thing for teachers. It can help us be more effective and efficient and spend more quality time in the classroom with our students.


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