Up Date on my 20% project

This is kind of an outline for my 20%

Main question- How can we use tech in EC?

what the  Montana Early Learning Standards says about technology in the classroom (check out standard 4.23 )


NAEYC views on technology


How do we already use in our class?

 Teachers document-photos

 Music and movement – CD’s

 Check in/out-pro care

 How can we use it to communicate better?

Start using Document sharing between teachers- Google Drive Many schools are switching to Google classroom as a tool I believe there are applications we can use in the early child hood classroom to communication with families.


parent sign up sheets to bring things, forms for parents-will you be here over spring break?

 Emails between parents, teachers, directors

 Make Newsletters more interesting  use  S’more


What other resources are there to make me a more efficient teacher?

Google+- creating forms

Teachers sharing videos- tutorials, ideas- pinterest, blogs

 Pro-care– tracking immunizations/shots- notes to parents

Power point/ Google Slide- sharing what you have learned that week with families

 Minute Menu


Keeping up on our required training hours through childcare training online


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