Possably unerstanding this a bit more.

My goal is to “play” around every night till this become easy like Facebook and Pinterest. I after think more about an article I read from my tech class I realized I am reluctant because I am just not use to it. I have tried to use technology in my classroom but get frustrated and give up. Some days I think the 1 year olds in the classroom know more hw to use even a smart phone more effectively then I do.


What I want to investigate

In this class I want to investigate better ways to communicate with parents and families in childcare. So many families are in a rush to get on their way. I also find my news letters are going nowhere. I write them every week and feel that most parents already know the information or just aren’t interested. Other teachers where I currently  work feel the same way. we have talked many times about how we can make it better. One change we have made was instead of printing newsletter for every parent s to email them to save on paper. I feel though that they just see “newsletter” and delete or  just pass over.

I hope to find tools I can use in communication as well as new technology in communicating with parents. I plan trying  them out in the classroom and sharing with peers.

I found an article from a NAEYC that I follow on twitter on engaging parents in two way communication.

tech NAEYC also has literature available for purchase.

Michigan State University also published an article containing tips to help early childhood educators communicate with parents.

I also like to follow Zero to Three : National Center for Infant, Toddlers, and families.  They also have an article as well on Effective Communication

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